Reversible Mood Octopus Plush - Octopus Emotion Flip Toy Plushie


Color: Grey/Black
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Reversible Mood Octopus Plush - Octopus Emotion Flip Toy Plushie


I’m grumpy no, I’m happy. That's a Reversible Octopus Mood Plushie Stuffed Animal for you! The Octopus Mood Plushie can change its mood within seconds. Show your current mood or just cuddle the super-soft Octopus Plushie.

Reversible Octopus Mood Plushie Stuffed Animal
  • As seen on TikTok!
  • Easy to flip inside out so you can show your mood to the world.
  • These super soft toys are perfect for playing, collecting & cuddling.
  • A cute reversible plush Octopus with two different expressions.
  • These stuffed toys are the perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, Valentine’s Day & more!
  • Suitable for children ages 6 years and up!
Reversible Octopus Mood Plushie Stuffed Animal

Cuddle daily – Adopt your own Reversible Octopus Mood Plushie Stuffed Animal now, and cuddle daily and make memories that will last forever.

Soft & uniquely designed – Unlike other plushies, we have used much better cotton fabrics; increasing the elasticity of the Plushie Stuffed Animal – which prevents deforming of your new member of the family!

Easily washed – Keep your Flippy Plush clean at all times; All it takes is some soap and water.

There is a design and plush available for everyone! Please check our adorable colors/designs and give your loved one a gift they’ll never forget!

Reversible Octopus Mood Plushie Stuffed Animal

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great product…. Not what I ordered

I will say the octopus I received was adorable and would give it 5/5…… if it was what I ordered. It’s cute, good quality, fun, and soft, but I specifically chose red/black because my brother LOVES red. I opened the box to see the dull black/grey one. As his bday was this week I couldn’t go empty handed, I had to give him something. I didn’t have time to send it back for the one I paid for. Personally if it was for me I would still enjoy it, but as it was a gift, he was appreciative of my thought once I explained it wasnt what I ordered and that if it was red he would have enjoyed it, but I’m positive it’ll join the bucket of retired stuffed animals, as it didn’t grab his attention. This being my first order on the site and it being a total flop, I will use more reliable shops in the future. I had a lot of hope and the correct product he agreed he would love when I showed him the photo, but I’m really disappointed in the turn out.

Clarissa Hernandez
Very cute

Love the material and good quality. love my 2 orders!

Donnie Burns

Gr8 product and very happy! Thx!

Needs stitches!

Cute but I’m already needing to stitch it up, presumably where it was stuffed. Otherwise, my daughter is very happy with it!

Troy Smith

Great service

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